Riverside Community Garden




We are holding a community garden meeting on Monday, March 18, 5:00pm,

in the New London Senior Center library (first room on the right).


Learn about Riverside Community Garden, meet current and prospective gardeners,

and sign up for a bed or two at the garden. Bring seed catalogs for sharing.

We will discuss organic growing, share seeds and tips,

and make plans for the 2019 gardening season.


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About the Garden

Riverside Community Garden is located on the corner of Crystal Avenue and Adelaide Street. The garden's 48 raised beds are available to individuals who live and/or work in New London. It is East New London's first Community Garden.

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Organic Gardening

Growing organically protects soil and water, reduces exposure to harmful chemicals, and produces food higher in vitamins and minerals. Ask if you'd like information about organic fertilizing, pest control and sources of organically-grown plants and seeds.

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We have begun recruiting gardeners for the 2019 growing season. The cost of renting a 3'X6' bed is $15, with discounted rates available. Download an application, or email info@riversidecommunitygarden.org if you'd like more information.

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Riverside Community Garden has collected photos of the construction process and plans to continue documenting each year of community gardening here. If you have photographs to add to our site, let us know –we'd appreciate your sharing them with us!

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Garden Guidelines

Open registration for 2019 will begin on March 1. Gardeners may sign up for 1 or 2 beds. Beds should be planted by June 1, and regular maintenance (weeding and watering) is required. All members should plan on participating in group activities.

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RCG has the following committees: Membership, Events, Upkeep, Education. If you are a member of the Riverside Community Garden and interested in serving on one of the committees – or starting a new one – let us know.

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About the Riverside Garden!

The Riverside Community Garden is a new community garden located in New London, Connecticut. Established with the generous support of FRESH-NL, the garden is the first to specifically serve the East New London neighborhood.

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